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Our Services


Our skilled team excels in assembling new pieces with precision, ensuring durability and a flawless finish. Need to relocate? Trust us for careful disassembly, preserving your furniture's integrity during moves.

For cherished pieces showing signs of wear, our quality repair services breathe new life. From fixing loose joints to addressing scratches and dents, we're committed to enhancing the longevity of your furniture.


We are committed to organic and sustainable practices, ensuring that your landscape is not only beautiful, but environmentally sound and functional in nature. 

Upgrade your outdoor oasis with our Basic or Full Service Package courtesy of our friends at NJ Organic Landscaping

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Pressure Washing

Revitalize your property's appearance with our Pressure Washing Service brought to you by the experts at

American Pressure Washers. From deep cleaning to preventive maintenance, our expertise ensures your surfaces shine with renewed vitality. 

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HRC Computer Desk Assembly

Lighting/ Electrical

Brighten your space with our  Lighting Installation Service. Our skilled technicians bring expertise and precision to the installation of a variety of lighting fixtures and setups, creating an ambiance that suits your style and enhances the functionality of your home. 

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TV - Mounting, 
Wall Mounting
/Picture Hanging

From hassle-free installation to personalized solutions, we make sure your TV becomes an integral part of your home, seamlessly blending technology with aesthetics.  Enhance your entertainment space with our TV-Mounting Service.

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Transform your home with our Painting Service. Whether it's a single item,  room, area, or an entire property, our commitment to excellence brings color, life, and a renewed energy to your living spaces. Elevate your surroundings with a touch of new paint.


Enhance the natural beauty of your wood surfaces with our Staining Service. Our skilled craftsmen and woman  bring out the richness of wood grains, providing protection and aesthetic appeal that stands the test of time.

 Elevate your space with the warmth and character of beautifully stained wood both Indoor & Outdoor


comprehensive Water Sealing to safeguard your property against the detrimental effects of moisture infiltration. Our skilled technicians employ advanced sealing techniques and premium quality sealants to create a robust barrier, preventing water penetration and potential structural damage.

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Transform your living spaces into havens of cleanliness with our Cleaning Service. From routine maintenance to  specialized projects like Move-Ins/Move Outs, our commitment to excellence ensures your home/property remains a healthy and pristine sanctuary. Elevate your living space with a refreshed and welcoming atmosphere.

Appliance Installation

Upgrading your home with New Appliances?  From kitchen efficiency to laundry convenience, our commitment to a picture perfect home ensures that your appliances are seamlessly integrated, providing you with both functionality and a polished, modern aesthetic. Enjoy the convenience of expertly installed appliances in a home that truly works for you.


Safely revive your cutlery and tools with our Knife/Blade Sharpening Service. Our skilled technicians bring expertise and precision to sharpening, ensuring your knives and blades regain their optimal sharpness and functionality making every cut a smooth as butter.  


For swift and reliable solutions to your minor plumbing needs. Our commitment to efficiency, affordability, and customer satisfaction ensures that your home's plumbing operates seamlessly.  Faucets, Sinks, and  Toilet install. 

Custom  Art/Decor Design

Home Repair Collective offers custom art and decor solutions to enhance your living space. From unique canvases and wall decals to bespoke home decor pieces, our skilled designers create art that reflects your style and complements your home. Transform your interiors with our personalized art and decor services.

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Why Choose Home Repair Collective?

Expert Consultation

Our Team of Contractors are well-learned and experienced enough  to take time to discuss project details with clientsto ensure mutual understanding of the intended outcome. We take care in the addition of recommendations deemed necessary for professional and timely finish that last.

Quality Workmanship

We take pride in delivering meticulous craftsmanship that stands the test of time. From precise installations to expert repairs, our attention to detail ensures that every project is executed with efficiency and care. We prioritize not only the aesthetic appeal of the final result but also the functionality and longevity of our work. With the Collective, you can rest easy knowing that our goal is providing you with reliable and enduring solutions for your home improvement needs.

Customer Satisfaction

At Home Repair Collective, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our mission. We strive to exceed expectations by not only meeting our clients' needs but anticipating them. Our dedicated team listens closely to your requirements, offering tailored solutions with a commitment to transparency and communication throughout the process. We take pride in creating a positive and stress-free experience in every aspect of your home improvement journey.

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